Our favourite moments of the year – captured in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

A trekking tour of Scandinavia, a visit to a festival or moments shared with friends and family – all your adventures large and small during the year are worth capturing for all time. With a CEWE PHOTOBOOK, designed as a yearbook or travel book, you can relive your happiest memories of months past again and again.

Room for happy memories: A CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a yearbook
As each year draws to its close, we look back on many happy moments shared with our loved ones. From breakfast with friends on New Year’s Day to the frst picnic in the park, a city trip to Leipzig or the christening of the youngest addition to the family: Display your best photos from spring, summer, autumn and winter in a customised yearbook.

Tip: With the wide range of book templates from CEWE, you can quickly and easily design a personalised CEWE PHOTOBOOK and fill it with cherished memories. Your selected template can be custom-edited: Photos can be freely positioned and supplemented with quotes or short texts. Truly charming: You can also integrate children’s drawings into your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, the perfect way to preserve them for posterity.

Preserve your holiday memories in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK
Those many new impressions you gained on your latest holiday deserve a very special place. Photos of magnificent landscapes, bustling cities or interesting encounters – preserve your most treasured holiday moments for all time in a customised CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Tip: With the Premium book template “Travel Destinations” from CEWE, available in all formats, you can preserve your travel memories in the trendy scrapbook look. For visual contrast, position a special motif across a double-page spread now and again while presenting other photos unobtrusively and in small format.

Great moments that stay for ever
A dream wedding, school-leaving day or an 80th birthday – special occasions always offer wonderful motifs for enchanting photos. And these motifs deserve a special place so that even years later, you can immerse yourself in those unforgettable moments. Supplemented by best wishes and texts, a customised CEWE PHOTOBOOK will tell the story of a very special day. CEWE offers highlights in gold, silver, rose gold or gloss which add an elegant final touch to your cover.

Tip: A particularly sustainable way to preserve these precious memories is to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK with 100% recycled inside page paper.

Particularly elegant: CEWE PHOTOBOOK in a slipcase
The XL CEWE PHOTOBOOK can be fitted with a personalised, made-to-measure slipcase in matte laminated cardboard – a stylish case to hold your treasured memories.

Tip: Once you have lovingly designed your XL CEWE PHOTOBOOK and filled it with photos and texts, why not order several copies – as gifts for all your favourite persons. And how about designing the slipcase individually, tailoring your Christmas surprise to suit Grandma, an aunt or brother?


RRP Personalised Slipcase: EUR 14.99




Photo credit: CEWE