We operate multi-channel concepts in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden and Oldenburg, in the form of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops. Our customers can choose from an attractive selection of cameras, lenses and accessories, services and the entire CEWE photo finishing range. We are represented in 147 attractive city centre and shopping centre locations, as well as online.

Personal Consultation

Our retail brands have established themselves in their respective countries as specialist outlets for cameras and related accessories, and they enjoy their customers’ trust. Our comprehensive product range includes top brands such as Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm and Canon. Personal consultation is our top priority here.

The retail branch also enables us to get in touch directly with our customers regarding products that are available online. You can, for example, get a hands-on impression of products such as the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, our wall art, calendars, photo gifts, etc. You can also take a closer look at the different varieties and we are happy to explain the order applications. You can then use a CEWE Kiosk on site to place your order, or use the online shop from home. Our instant printing products are also available from the CEWE Kiosk. Combined with attractive additional items (such as frames) they are ideal for last minute gift ideas.

Our retail brands:


Since 1995, CEWE FOTOJOKER has been CEWE’s traditional brand for photography services and high-quality photographic equipment in Poland. With 50 stores and its own web shop, CEWE FOTOJOKER is also the local top seller of our brand products and our premium product brand CEWE PHOTOBOOK.


Japan Photo was established in Denmark in 1985. CeWe Color, as the organisation was called at the time, became the main shareholder in 1999. The company name is intended to evoke associations with the Japanese market that stands for premium camera brands. With 22 stores in Norway, 7 stores in Sweden and national web shops, CEWE Japan Photo is Scandinavia’s leading multi-channel photography retailer.


CEWE has been represented in Bratislava in Slovakia since 1994. The brand was actively involved in shaping the photography market in the time after the political turnaround, and it remains the market leader for photography services to this day. Photographic work was processed and sold on site under the FOTOLAB brand for a long time. We now operate 16 modern retail outlets in Slovakia’s major cities, as well as a web shop.

CEWE FOTOLAB Czech Republic

The retail brand FOTOLAB that was established in 1990, stands for top competence in the Czech photography industry, both with regard to photography hardware and photo services. Czech customers appreciate the comprehensive customer services that are provided in 50 stores and the brand’s own web shop.


Wöltje GmbH & Co. KG is among Oldenburg's oldest specialist retail stores. Photographic prints and products by CEWE and cameras and related accessories account for the greatest share of the store’s turnover. Today’s CEWE Group has its origins in the shop that was established in 1912. The company name CEWE is not a coincidence, but it stands for the initials of its founder Carl Wöltje (CW).