Send a sunny hello with the CEWE PHOTOWORLD app

Whether its a camp-fire in the countryside, surfing with the family or children playing on the beach – these special moments can be mementos of your holiday for loved ones at home. With the CEWE PHOTOWORLD app, personal experiences can be captured on postcards and sent immediately any time, anywhere. What's more, you can use the CEWE Photoworld app to design your own CEWE photobook from anywhere. CEWE has put together some ideas and tips for holiday photos here.

Holiday greetings made easy: Beautiful postcards with your own photos
From the hammock straight to the mailbox: With the CEWE Photoworld app or using, postcards of your favourite holiday photos can be conveniently sent in just a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet. Simply create your photo postcard design using photos of your personal travel experiences and send it immediately. It couldn't be easier: Click on the “Postcard” product in the app or online, select your favourite layout and create your design using one or more photos. Then add a personal greeting – and that's it! You have your own personal holiday greeting for loved ones at home. Outstandingly practical: No need to worry about postage or finding the nearest post box.

Treasured moments captured immediately: Design your CEWE PHOTOBOOK in the moment
Whether you're on a lounger on the beach, sitting in an alpine hut or settling in for the evening in a mobile home: With the CEWE Photoworld app, you can start designing your own personal CEWE PHOTOBOOK on your tablet or smartphone before you even return from holiday, thus ensuring that every unforgettable moment is safely preserved. Particularly on holiday when you experience so many new things in a short period of time, the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect means of capturing these moments and giving them a permanent home.

The perfect holiday photo: You can create the perfect photo with these professional tips from CEWE
Holiday photos are undoubtedly the best souvenir you can bring back from a trip. But how do you create the perfect photo? CEWE has put together five tips.

CEWE Tip 1: Use the golden hour
For successful photos, it's worth getting up a little earlier, even on holiday, to utilise the most beautiful light of the day: Early in the morning, just after sunrise, the light is particularly warm and will turn every photo into a work of art. This is also the case just before sunset, during the so-called golden hour.

CEWE Tip 2: Experiment with the angle
Photos are often taken spontaneously or incidentally: When you see a beautiful sight or your favourite person, you snap the shot. However, it is always worth stopping for a moment and taking your time: Is there perhaps another angle you could use to open up a different perspective? Perhaps you could lie on the ground or take the photo from an elevated position. A different angle can give the photo an entirely different look and add depth.

CEWE Tip 3: Move closer to the subject
There can be a lot happening in certain photos. A lively street scene with pedestrians, shops, and vehicles rushing by can be exciting, but can sometime distract from the subject or purpose of the photo. If you want to put a person or an object in the foreground, it is usually enough to simply take a few steps closer to the subject to ensure that the focus is correct.

CEWE Tip 4: Photograph with scale
It is often the case that an impressive waterfall or a small animal does not appear as intended in a photo. To show the sheer size of Niagara Falls, for example, it is helpful to have an object in the picture, for example a boat or a person, for the purpose of comparison. This also applies to close-ups: If you want to photograph a particularly intricate snail, you should place an object next to it or simply place your hand in the photo for scale.

CEWE Tip 5: Make sure the lens is clean
It sounds banal, but it can actually prevent the perfect photo: Over time, the lens of a smartphone will get dirty; after all, it is something that is always in your hand or in your pocket. Fingerprints or lint can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth or cloth for cleaning glasses.

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