Our most beautiful family moments: these Holidays give the gift of shared memories

Especially at Christmas, people want to delight their loved ones with gifts that surprise, touch and revive the best memories of the year. With charming family motifs for Christmas, individual and unique photo gifts can be created with any available budget. Whether it's a creative family calendar or the CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a yearbook, looking back at the most precious shared experiences - with CEWE every gift comes from the heart. CEWE also presents valuable tips on how to take completely natural photos of your loved ones at Christmas, thus capturing the magic of the Holidays together forever.

Giving presents makes everyone happy. Especially when you surprise your loved ones with very personal, individual ideas. Photo gifts, designed from the most beautiful family motifs of the year, are very popular. They are the perfect opportunity to use the best photos taken during the last vacation or family celebration or, for example, at the start of school. Once the right selection has been made, it's time to design individual photo gifts for young and old. There are no limits to creativity here. Why not create an entire picture wall with special family moments as a family tree? This is where hexxas - the hexagonal photo tiles from CEWE - come in handy. Hexxas are easy to attach, interchangeable and allow for endless variations in arrangement. The photo hexagons work both as a collage of individual motifs and as a composite image made up of several elements.

A cheerful motif of the grandchildren looks good on photo mugs or on the premium CEWE Gallery Case - the new cell phone cover made of printed glass. This way, the little ones are always with you!

An individual photo calendar designed with family photos ensures happy moments month after month. With numerous layouts, cliparts and different calendars, a wide range of design options is available. Small texts can also be integrated - regardless of the calendar type. In addition to impressive wall calendars as eye-catchers in the living room, kitchen or hallway, pocket and desk calendars can be easily created to support the recipient in everyday school and work life.

And don't forget the classic CEWE PHOTOBOOK, capturing the most beautiful moments and experiences of the year for eternity. A variety of layouts and templates help with the design, and clipart or lettering can be added to the pictures for the finishing touch. You can look forward to special moments after Christmas dinner when everyone admires the new CEWE PHOTOBOOK together. Anecdotes are shared, moments remembered - and old photobooks from past years are brought out again to reminisce together, as the library of memories continues to grow.

CEWE tips for completely natural and atmospheric photos during the Christmas season
The funniest family photos are usually taken spontaneously, at the moment. But especially during the atmospheric holidays, you want beautiful family motifs that look completely natural. With the following tips from CEWE, family photos during Advent or portraits under the Christmas tree turn out especially well.

CEWE Tip 1: "Creative group formation": Family photos are often a very special challenge. Someone always looks away, jokes around or talks.

Everyone’s lined up in front of the Christmas tree – a classic shot. Why not give it a little spin and try something different, just like in this shot. You can easily create such a setting for children: spread out two blankets, put a cool pillow on top as an eye-catcher - and then just have fun!

CEWE Tip 2: "Capture closeness": Intimate moments should be captured spontaneously. Unfortunately, we are not always ready with the camera right away. So it’s okay to force it just a little bit: "Give grandpa a hug from behind and hang on to his back, just not too tightly!" We can't help but smile as we follow this instruction. Now take as many pictures as possible in one go and make a selection later. And don't be afraid to take pictures with a blurred foreground!

CEWE Tip 3: "Eye for details": Don't just take a foto of the whole Christmas tree! Details in the close-up range of the tree's ornaments, illuminated only by candlelight, have their special charm. When shooting indoors, the Christmas atmosphere comes across much better without flash anyway. However, the risk of camera shake (longer exposure time) is greater. Select a higher light sensitivity for the camera. Extra tip: In the wide-angle range, you don't blur the shots as quickly.

  • Fond memories of the past year become the most beautiful gifts for family members, for example a photo calendar from CEWE. (Photo: CEWE)
  • With the hexagonal photo tiles, the hexxas from CEWE, family moments can be designed in a particularly creative way, for example as a family tree. (Photo: CEWE)
  • With the new cell phone cover, the Gallery Case from CEWE, you always have your loved ones with you (Photo: CEWE)
  • Tea or coffee tastes even better from an individually designed photo mug from CEWE, decorated with motifs of your loved ones. (Photo: CEWE)
  • 12 times joy all year round with an individual wall calendar from CEWE. (Photo: CEWE)
  • Favorite family moments can be creatively captured in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK. (Photo: CEWE)
  • The foreground can be a little blurry, but the closeness between grandpa and grandchild comes across all the better for it. (Photo: GettyImages)
  • Playing, romping, having fun - that's how great group shots of kids are made. (Photo: GettyImages)
  • When taking photos, it pays to keep your eyes on the details. (Photo: GettyImages)