SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit

SOS Children's Villages worldwide and CEWE have been close partners since 2013. SOS Children's Villages worldwide have received donations of more than 1.5 million euros from CEWE. In addition to established projects, CEWE also backs emergency relief projects requiring immediate attention.

Help that counts

SOS Children's Villages worldwide and CEWE have been close partners since 2013. The Oldenburg company has a long tradition of donating, and to this day has given over 1.5 million euros to families and children in need. In addition to established projects, CEWE backs emergency relief projects requiring immediate attention. In 2017, this included taking care of children affected by the famine in Somalia, and humanitarian relief in Diffa, the region bordering on Niger and Nigeria. Emergency relief for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic was also aided in 2020. This diverse and exceptional social commitment led to CEWE receiving its first Excellence Award from SOS Children's Villages worldwide.

CEWE sees its economic success as a very special commitment towards society. "Thanks to the long-term, red-tape free backing, many relief projects have been initiated and implemented", – is how Petra Horn, member of the Executive Board of SOS Children's Villages worldwide, acknowledged the continual contribution by the CEWE business group.

Backbone of the partnership

The success of the solid partnership between CEWE and SOS Children's Villages worldwide is owed to three pillars:

1. The assumption of corporate responsibility through financial/material assistance

CEWE aids SOS Children's Villages worldwide financially and with donations in kind. Such aid helps children and families in need.

2. Helping through creativity by involving customers

CEWE organises creativity contests (e.g. the CEWE Photo Award) and offers CEWE greeting cards that feature designs that its customers created. Part of the proceeds are donated to SOS Children's Villages worldwide.

3. Employees volunteer to help wherever help is needed

CEWE employees volunteer whenever and wherever help is needed at the various locations throughout Germany and Europe. This has created particularly close relationships with the children's villages in Ghana, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Norway, Austria, France, Germany, and Belgium. 

Working with SOS Children's Villages worldwide

This year, the partnership is to edge closer towards CEWE's core business strategy, with the central topic of SOS Children's Villages worldwide, "Personality Development", receiving greater prominence by promoting creativity and talent. One special highlight focuses on photography projects. SOS Children's Villages worldwide partners with CEWE to organise these projects at selected locations around the world. Children are to experience photography as a tool, to creatively express their feelings and passions, and to see their surroundings from a different perspective.

To that end, this year's flagship project will be staged in Poland. Christian Stamerjohanns, in charge of sponsoring projects at CEWE, went to visit the Siedlce SOS children's village, which partners with CEWE's location in Koźle. While visiting, he wanted to acquaint himself with the local programmes and discuss the novel, shared photo project.