Sustainability Management

Apart from our strong CEWE brand and our innovative strength, sustainability is the third pillar of our company. Our seventh Sustainability Report documents our active and continuous endeavour to operate sustainably. This includes responsibility for our employees, our social involvement and our environmental protection activities.

CEWE Group activities Sustainability as a core element of our management policy

We aim to continuously improve our sustainability performance and systematically evolve and define our management towards this. This is implemented as an integral part of our business management strategy in five dimensions:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Economic futureproofness
  • Resources conservation and environmental protection 
  • Responsibility to employees 
  • Social commitment

The sustainability activities of all departments are collated in our Sustainability Coordination Group. Specialists from all departments regularly meet, discuss specific topics, initiate new projects, set targets and compare the results with those of the previous year. 

Sustainability is a priority at CEWE: The Managing Directors of all sites in Germany and abroad are responsible for all sustainability issues. They have appointed Sustainability Officers who, in turn, have contact with the Sustainability Coordination Group. Employees are becoming increasingly active in internal and external working groups and projects and are therefore also taking part in specific training courses on sustainability. 

We started a continuous training programme in 2016 to make our members of staff into active sustainability stakeholders. The focus of the training programme is on communicating employees' CSR issues to other members of staff using specific examples from CEWE's sustainability management policy.

Open dialogue with stakeholdersLong-term: social interests in sight

For CEWE, sustainability management means a continuous exchange with various internal and external stakeholder groups about all important effects, requirements and developments relating to sustainability. Our extensive stakeholder surveys identified a very differentiated picture of the importance and understanding of issues, such as sustainability, sustainability strategy and management, as well as the challenges faced by their implementation. The results showed that the issue of sustainability plays a very important role and is perceived as being an integral part of our corporate values and culture amongst the people surveyed internally. "We conduct a continuous and constructive dialogue about economic, social and ecological aspects of our core business with our stakeholders. The opinions and suggestions of the different groups are always very constructive and are taken into consideration in our company's growth." Dr. Olaf Holzkämper – Board Member for Finance and Financial Control, Corporate Development, IR, Legal, Business IT and CEWE INSTANT PHOTOS

Materiality matrixTrail-blazing findings for future strategies

The Materiality Matrix maps the weighting of the different issues. Points perceived as being important from the point of view of external stakeholders and also the company are considered as being "material".

The matrix shows that sustainability issues are considered as being important: resource and energy conservation and social involvement are of key importance to those surveyed.

Findings from the analysis are then incorporated in the company's strategy.

Sustainably successfulSustainability and responsibility play a key role in all areas of the company.

Since the company was established over 50 years ago, its desire has always been to uphold the balance between ethical principles and economic business. We succeed in this with the help of our employees who work very respectfully for the company and our customers, at the same time as upholding our values. The mantra of the "Honourable Merchant" may appear somewhat antiquated to many people, however we embody values, such as responsible conduct, in the sense of reliability, honesty, durability, decency, integrity, trust and diligence. Our employees act in a reflective and forward-looking manner and, in doing so, focus on the needs of customers, business partners, other members of staff and society. We know very well that the most important currency in today's society is trust and an impeccable reputation. 


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