Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

Our environmental policy is expressed by the following points: saving energy, protecting water, conserving resources and ensuring industrial safety. These key aspects form the foundation of our sustainability strategy.

Our Environmental PolicySaving energy, conserving resources and ensuring industrial safety

Many years ago we defined our own environmental policy, dedicated to resource conservation, environmental protection and industrial safety. Our voluntary commitments including compliance with the applicable legal provisions as well as any customer requirements and individual requirements from retail partners that exceed them. We rely on the best available technologies with our planning and investments.

Use of regenerative energies from in-house photovoltaic systems; at the operations in Freiburg and Germering, 260 MWh/a, CO2 saving of 105 t/a.

Increasing use of green electricity In 2016 only green electricity was used in Oldenburg and Prague, thus cutting down on more than 3,000 t of CO₂ in Scope 2 (30 per cent) in comparison to the previous year.

Consistent reduction in energy consumption through enhancing efficiency. This includes LED light installations such as those at SAXOPRINT in Dresden (CO2 saving of 250 t/a), energy-optimised EDP centres (green IT, for example in Oldenburg a CO2 saving of 150 t/a) and cutting down on room air-conditioning and the generation of compressed air.

Enhanced environmentally-friendly approach to sales logistics. Optimising courier services cut CO2 down by 13 per cent or 1,615 t in 2016. In the coming two years we are aiming to achieve other considerable reductions as well.

Energy-conscious conduct by staff and energy-conscious use of production machines (improvement to machine operation times).

Use of low-consumption company cars through financial support for electric and hybrid vehicles and the compensation of fuel consumption in Germany through the DKV frog card. This cut down on 808 t of Scope 1 CO2 emissions in 2016.

Business trips by train In 2016, the use of business rail cards meant that 379,819 passenger kilometres, thus 92.4 per cent of the journey by train, were climate-neutral.

Climate-friendly commuting. CEWE will be supporting its staff with job tickets or staff bicycles and will provide electric charging stations.

Climate-neutral printing: CEWE gives its customers the option of the climate-neutral printing of their printed products on the CEWE-PRINT, SAXOPRINT and viaprinto websites.

Sustainable productionThe environment demands: Energy management and FSC® certification

The energy management systems practised at all German sites meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001. In compliance with this standard, we undertake to continuously improve our energy-based performance and support this process by considering energy usage, energy consumption and energy efficiency when purchasing products and services and when using machines, equipment and systems. Legislative requirements and our own targets, which often extend beyond them, form the framework of our energy policy. We also actively drive forward climate protection in this manner.

All the materials we use are specifically selected from a long-term environmental point of view.

We have been FSC®-certified since 2013. The FSC® is an international non-profit-making organisation, which has the objective of preserving forests. FSC® regulations require that the entire processing and retail chain, from the forest to the wholesaler, has to be certified end to end. You or your company can make a direct contribution to improving forests by purchasing FSC®-certified products. This certification forms an important cornerstone of our production processes, which are fully geared to sustainability. It also involves us handling natural resources in a responsible manner and continuously reducing energy consumption at our sties.

We are really well set-up with our environmental and energy management systems. Setting up the processes, constantly expanding them and completing the annual audits takes up a lot of time and labour. However, we are the trail-blazers in our industry. And it's definitely worthwhile: we are continuously improving our environmental protection and our energy performance.

(Dr. Matthias Hausmann - Department Head, Chemistry, Process Technology and Environment)

Focus on nature conservationSustainable cooperation with the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), the German Society for Nature Conservation

In 2013 we cooperated with the German Society for Nature Conservation, NABU, for the first time when we organised a photographic competition. Our cooperation has since progressed rapidly, and we have for some time been working together on the ecological improvement of our vast company premises in Oldenburg. There are now many sides to this commitment:

Our employees have set up a total of 144 nesting boxes for songbirds. They also take care of their maintenance every year.

A nature trail has developed alongside the nesting boxes for offspring from the company day-care centre CEWELINO and for the little visitors who come as part of the fun activities involving learning a lot about local wildlife organised by CEWE for the school holidays.



A nesting place for swifts - one of the biggest in Germany - was installed at a lofty height on the southern side of our high-bay warehouse.



Under the expert guidance of NABU, our employees set up a large insect hotel to serve as a nesting place for wild bees, wasps and bumblebees. The roof of the hotel was even greened in order to offer the animals more food.



Lodges for bumblebees, hedgehog domes, bat boxes, bird feeders and incubation mounds for wrens, lizards, etc. are a guarantee of greater biodiversity on the company grounds.



We regularly cooperate in organising photographic competitions with a focus on the theme of nature.



As a paper-processing enterprise, we also gladly take part in the NABU nature conservation project to preserve German forests.



The company premises at the CEWE operation in Freiburg was also ecologically designed in cooperation with NABU. Staff at the operation set up an insect hotel and mounted nesting places for swifts.

Climate-neutral CEWE PHOTO WORLDLess emission, more enjoyment of photos

As a paper-processing enterprise, the issue of sustainability is very close to us. This is why the production of the CEWE PHOTO BOOK and all the other CEWE PHOTO WORLD brand products is climate-neutral – verifiably and at no extra cost for our customers. As an example, we compensate for the occurrence of CO₂ emissions with reforestation and the protection of existing forests in Kenya in the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor Project. This protects the dry forest, at risk because of slash-and-burn farming and deforestation on an area covering around 200,000 hectares, which is equivalent to approximately twice the surface area of Berlin.



And naturally we also do a lot to keep our emissions down to a minimum. This also includes the use of renewable energies, green IT, climate-neutral shipping and a whole lot more. This is how we make our entire added-value chain climate-neutral: from the choice of raw materials, to purchasing and production and through to delivery to customers. This is also shown in our annual, fully transparent environmental reports to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).



Our climate-neutral CEWE PHOTO WORLD was presented for the first time at the photokina in Cologne from 20 to 25 September 2016, where we were also delighted to receive a first CHIP PHOTO AWARD for sustainability.


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