Social Commitment

For many years we have been supporting social, cultural and sporting projects. Our focus is on non-bureaucratic assistance to our sites in Germany and Europe. A key pillar of our commitment is, above all, our cooperation with the "SOS Children's Villages Worldwide" charity.

SOS Children's Villages and CEWE: help that gets through We are conscious of our social responsibility and are happy to make a lasting contribution to the common good.

The number of social, cultural and sporting projects, which we reliably support in the long term has risen over the years with our economic success. In the past year, we committed a figure of over €1 million to a number of different projects at our headquarters in Oldenburg, as well as at our various sites in Germany and Europe. The focus of our social projects is predominantly on families and children in situations of dire need.

The cooperation with the SOS Children's Villages charity was further expanded through the inclusion of the Children's Village in Worpswede and has now been expanded to a total of twelve partner sites. The "SOS Children's Villages Worldwide" organisation presented us with an award for our exceptional social involvement.

Apart from the level of regular donations, the long-term support and personal involvement of many of our employees is crucial here. In the past year, a small delegation even travelled to the Kumasi Children's Village in the West African country of Ghana.

Many of our employees are also involved in a voluntary capacity with local organisations and also take part in "Volunteer Days" or organise summer and holidays activities for children. "As the SOS Children's Villages Global Partner, we are inspired by CEWE's cooperation," explains Sabine Fuchs, Managing Director of SOS Children's Villages Global Partner. "Apart from the level of donations, which makes CEWE one of our largest corporate donors, it is particularly the concept of really getting members of staff involved and establishing a close contact with each SOS Children's Village. That way projects can be jointly discussed and implemented. It is the enthusiasm and interest in our work that makes the collaboration so special and successful."

Kumasi SOS Children's Village, GhanaOur visit to West Africa

Four CEWE employees travelled to the Kumasi SOS Children's Village in Ghana to gain a personal impression and carry out different photographic projects. They photographed the twelve families who live there and then gave away disposable cameras. That way the children could record everyday life in the village. The photographs were to document the impressions in the village and provide employees in Oldenburg with a genuine picture of the company's involvement in Africa. Every family was given their very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. SOS employees in Ghana were also invited to Kumasi. They learned to improve their photographic expertise in a workshop. The intention was to direct greater attention to the work of the Children's Villages and support this with photographs.

Löwenherz Children's and Young Persons' HospiceOur active support in Syke near Oldenburg

The Löwenherz Children's and Young Persons' Hospice in Syke takes in children, young people and young adults suffering from incurable diseases. Together with their families, they receive up to 28 days of caring support to help them return home with renewed strength. The hospice collects donations to fund it, among other things, by annually publishing a calendar. For some years CEWE has been responsible for its production and extended the cooperative partnership in 2014. Two budding CEWE photographers documented everyday life in the hospice and recorded their impressions in a photo book. Several apprentices also spent time in the hospice and helped to improve the gardens.

EWE Baskets, OldenburgCEWE is the main sponsor of the EWE Baskets

As the main sponsor, CEWE has been supporting the EWE Baskets Oldenburg team for many years. Playing in the Premier League of the German Basketball League, the team is the sporting flagship of the Weser-Ems region. Since the 2000/2001 season, EWE Baskets have been in the upper echelons of the Premier Basketball League. The Oldenburg sportsmen are winning over the hearts of fans with their family-friendly image, passionate skills and outstanding performance. CEWE looks forward to sharing in the club's international success and continuing to support the club in future. Up to 6,000 spectators experience spectacular basketball skills at the club's home games in the large EWE Arena.

Preserving the cultural asset of photographyCEWE promotes competitions, exhibitions and a whole lot more

As the leading photo service company in Europe, we feel traditionally committed to photography as a cultural asset. We initiate and promote many photo competitions, including the biggest photographic competition in the world, "Our world is beautiful", which was started by CEWE. We also support the Deutsche Fotomuseum in Leipzig, we are partners in the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, and we sponsor events such as the Photo Event in Fürstenfeldbrück and the Horizon Photo Festival in Zingst. Promoting young photographic talents and giving young talents the opportunity of a first exhibition is also particularly close to our heart.

Educational networkCEWE promotes the transfer of knowledge between practice and science and supports young people in the course of their education

Many cooperation activities with schools, colleges and universities have evolved from a network with educational and research institutes which has been growing steadily for many years. A valuable transfer of knowledge between practice and science has taken place through regular exchanges of information, joint projects and teaching assignments for many top executives. This commitment brings the players together and creates innovations.

School, professional training and studies

Corporate planning games as training programmes for school pupils have now become a tradition. CEWE has been offering young people this possibility for as long as 18 years, in cooperation with the Liebfrauenschule, a high school in Oldenburg. Active mentoring in internships and professional training is more than targeted promotion for young talents; it also maintains direct contact to the specialists of tomorrow.

Studies and scholarships for doctoral students

Every year since 1995, the Neumüller CEWE COLOR Foundation has awarded up to six scholarships for proposed doctoral theses at Oldenburg's Carl von Ossietzky University. The foundation is also active in supporting the National Scholarship Programme at the Jadehochschule, sponsoring the European Medical School and providing scholarships to the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.

Fostering talented young photographers

The professional and advanced professional training of young talents in the field of photography is fostered in the Photo + Medienforum vocational school in Kiel. Besides the school sponsorship, the Heinz Neumüller Prize is awarded to the best graduates every year. CEWE is also an active member of various associations and DIN and ISO committees for everything to do with photos and innovation, contributing its expertise in this manner. A Board of Management member and the Deputy Chairman of the Engineering and Environmental Committee of the German Association of the Photographic Industry are from CEWE. A CEWE staff member is also on the Board of Management of the German Federal Association of Industrial Laboratories.


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