Trendy square format: CEWE offers tips for perfect presentation

Square photos are on trend, and not just on Instagram. Even beyond the digital realm, more and more photo products are following this simple but nonetheless noteworthy format. Clear structures direct the viewer's focus to what is important and give the image a certain exciting, artistic "je ne sais quoi". And at CEWE, too, the square trend is being requested more and more frequently. This includes everything from wall décor to the square format of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK to Retro and Square Prints.

An overview of the square format
Square sections can be selected from many available photos, of course, and designed for the desired product. This gives snapshots of important moments an artistic quality. But it is also exciting to think about how motifs in this format can be staged right when the photo is being taken. Most cameras now feature the option to select a square format. Geometric elements lend themselves especially well to this. Arches, circles or precise lines blend well with the square frame. While centred motifs often come off rather boring in the classic format, they take on new life in square photos. These allow otherwise inconspicuous symmetries—such as those between flowers, faces or buildings—to take centre stage. Anyone interested in this trendy format will discover the creative possibilities the square has to offer.

Square photos need to be presented in the right way. One good option for displaying multiple images from a chosen event or time is a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. It is an ideal way to show off photos, especially in the square page format. When placed without borders across the entire page, the viewer can appreciate the motifs without distraction. For smaller photos, symmetrical pages offer a mount with a compatible design.CEWE PHOTOBOOK Pure is a small, charming alternative and can be designed in just a few minutes using the app on your smartphone. In the 15 x 15 centimetre format, it offers enough space for 22 photos, telling a story with very few words. Each page has its own motif. It allows images from Instagram, for example, to be converted directly and conveniently into a printed story. It is an ideal gift for remembering shared moments.

The big time for small squares
In addition to being a thoughtful gift for friends or family, photos can also be printed in the square format as creative wall décor. Motifs with filters or frames transform into customized works of art, which can be hung on the wall like collages and redesigned again and again. The overall effect of the photos also depends on the selected materials. Square Prints from CEWE feature a roughened surface, providing a high-class texture that can be both seen and felt. Also available at, Retro Prints, in contrast, feature a glossy finish. On request, motifs can be given gloss highlights, which makes the photo pop against the white frame. It creates an elegant surface you can feel and allows the colours in the images to shine.

Variety on the wall
If you would like to make more space for your favourite motifs, you can hang large-format images on the wall. Square photos produce a particularly interesting effect when hung in a series. Experimenting a little with the wall design is definitely worth it. For example, one square motif can be divided across four individual images, which are later grouped together accordingly on the wall. As an alternative, multiple images can be compiled like a mosaic into one large square. And if you would like to bring this trendy format to your walls but have the space for a portrait or landscape format in your living room instead, simply hang the photos next to or above one another. This creates a special and personalised piece of wall décor. At, CEWE WALL ART can be designed and ordered in countless variations.


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