TIPA: CEWE is the best photo print service worldwide

29 publishers of renowned photographic magazines from all over the world chose the winners of the 2018 TIPA World Awards in April. In the "Best Photo Print Service" category, Europe's leading photo company CEWE won with its CEWE PHOTOBOOK Hardcover enhancements.

Internationally convincing
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) award is recognised as the most prestigious award for photo and imaging products worldwide. Award decisions are based on regular product tests, carried out by an independent panel and serve to inform readers about innovations in the industry. CEWE was granted the TIPA World Award in the “Best Photo Print Service” category. It was the option to further enhance CEWE PHOTOBOOK covers with special effects that convinced the international jury. Gold, silver and gloss embossed elements can be added to enhance the individually designed Hardcovers to provide a luxurious and unique finish. "We are delighted that the jury of experienced judges chose to present the award to the CEWE PHOTOBOOK and its selection of special finishing touches," says CEWE Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Mehls. "With our products, we ensure that photos don't just sit unseen on storage media but can be seen and touched instead. The TIPA World Award encourages us to continue ensuring day after day that our customers enjoy their photos. The 

CEWE PHOTOBOOK offers the widest range of sizes, paper types, cover variants and other customisation options worldwide. This unparalleled flexibility means that our customers have full creative control to design the perfect personalised photo book.” Besides the highlighted covers, the TIPA members also commented on the intuitive design process that enables anyone, regardless of experience level, to easily create their own personalised book: "An online step-by-step process makes book selection and creation easy," was the assessment of the jury in summary.

Wide range for individual results
The cover of each CEWE PHOTOBOOK communicates its sentiment, sparking curiosity about its content through the choice of photos, designs and materials. With the Hardcover embellishments now recognised by TIPA, a choice of design elements such as clip art, text and frames can be highlighted with an embossed gloss, gold or silver finish. Customers can also use Highlights to give the entire cover a brilliant touch by using gloss embossing across the full surface, paired with a variety of special background elements. Besides the Hardcover, other materials such as a Softcover, Booklet, Leather and Premium Linen are also available.

Official award ceremony
CEWE will be awarded the official trophy at an award ceremony on September 26th, the opening day of Photokina, Cologne. What could be more appropriate than for an internationally renowned award to be presented at the world's top imaging trade show?


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