Media Alert: Perfect Christmas photos with tips from CEWE

When the whole family comes together on Christmas evening to celebrate the most pleasant time of the year, special moments are created. Whether it's during a festive Christmas dinner, when unwrapping gifts or spending some cosy time together by the decorated Christmas tree – Christmas Eve provides numerous situations for unforgettable family photos. CEWE expert Robert Geipel offers the following tips for making sure these photos turn out perfectly.

Capturing magic moments by candle light – without a flash!
The Christmas mood is defined by dim lighting and candle light. There are many options to capture well-lit photos despite these low-light conditions. However, using your camera's flash feature is not one of them. The flash ruins the special mood of the Christmas lighting, as it floods the foreground with light and leaves the background dark. You'll get much better results if you use an external light source, such as a table lamp or a smartphone light. This has a more natural effect than the flash and generates better depth in the photo. It's also helpful to use your camera in night mode with a long exposure time. To avoid blurry images, Geipel recommends setting the camera down on a table or using a stand. However, if you would rather take photos with the camera in your hand, you can also increase the ISO (the light sensitivity) in the camera settings. This will allow you to capture the lighting and brilliance of the Christmas atmosphere without any blurriness. The only downside: The larger the ISO, the more the image quality is reduced due to increasing picture noise.

The perfect way to show off your loved ones
The most important subjects in Christmas pictures are, of course, the people. Grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, children and grandchildren – Christmas Eve is one of the rare occasions when the entire family is assembled in one place. Smaller group photos are the most appropriate way to capture a good picture of everyone. Here, the individual people have a much better and more natural appearance than they do in large group photos. Such photos often have a "staged" feel and having a lot of people in the photo increases the odds that at least one person will have their eyes closed.

In order to make sure your photos capture the best sides of your loved ones, you should position their faces slightly above the centre of the image, enabling you to photograph the entire person. This is one way to avoid having a large amount of empty space above the subject's face while their feet (or even their entire legs) are cut out. To get the right positioning, it's also important to keep 2/2 things at eye level. This especially applies to taking pictures of children. You should always take a knee when doing so.

Looking for details and festive subjects
Nice photo subjects that capture the Christmas spirit can be found everywhere. All you have to do is look closely and hold your lens right up to the details – a red ball ornament on the Christmas tree, a candle with blurry people in the background or one hand being held lovingly by another. Those who look carefully are sure to find a great deal. However, when taking photos, it's a good idea to avoid using the zoom feature, as doing so will reduce picture quality. A better approach is to simply bring your camera closer to the photo subject.

Reliving Christmas photos again and again
Once the fun is finally over and all relatives have gone back to their separate lives, the best Christmas moments can be preserved forever in the form of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Your Christmas-themed CEWE PHOTOBOOK is available in a wide variety of formats and design options and will make you want to relive that time spent together during the holidays – over and over again.

You can even choose your favourite photos and order them in a Fine Art Matte Print from CEWE with highlights. The vast range of stylistic design layouts and filters let you turn your captured moments into individual pieces of art. Your photos will work perfectly as personalised gifts or even as decorative elements in your living space. The high-quality Fine Art Matte Paper gives your photos a surface with a unique touch.


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