Hand-made Advent Calendar Deluxe from CEWE

Eye-catching, radiant and unique— CEWE fulfils all of these wishes, offering the hand-made Advent Calendar Deluxe this year for the first time ever. Limited to 1,111 items. The 24 sweet surprises almost fade into the background here. The stylish head-turner with folding doors can be designed with personal photos and messages, featuring gold elements that shine with Christmas spirit. Folded open, it displays a personalised panorama that stretches out more than one half meter.

Behind its exclusive design, the Advent Calendar Deluxe is hiding 24 chocolate surprises from Ferrero. Thanks to the fold-out doors, it can be set as a centrepiece on the table or the cabinet and immediately catches the eye at a height of 46 centimetres and an overall width of 64 centimetres. Limited to just 1,111 items, the Advent Calendar Deluxe can be ordered at There are virtually no limits on the design. Both the outside of the closed folding doors as well as the wide inner surface offer space for photos and messages, perhaps bringing back memories of wonderful moments from the past year. That allows this exceptional pre-holiday gift to offer contemplation and enable the beholder to pause and, for a brief moment, forget about appointments or other obligations. The Advent Calendar Deluxe also emphasizes the brightness of the holiday around the house. The numbers on the little doors and the exterior motif can be finished with elegant gold elements.


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