Gift-giving tips from CEWE—for more reflection and time spent together

Quite a few people have difficulties finding a personalized gift for their beloved ones. Something that tells the recipient that you put thought into it. In this age of abundance and fast change, many people rely on WhatsApp for communication and on anonymous online mail order retailers. But there's another way to do it. Shared memories and experiences are particularly precious these days. Photo service provider CEWE gives you tips on how to turn them into a present that will create special moments under the Christmas tree.

Holding on to beautiful moments
Whether we are travelling, going on adventures with friends and family or just relaxing at home—we often use photos to capture the moments that we value and want to preserve. It would be a shame if those moments were left on smartphones and hard drives and forgotten. Thankfully, these precious memories are preserved forever when you use them to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a Christmas gift with a personal touch. In addition to the selected photos, the book can feature headers, quotes from holidays, funny anecdotes and even video clips using QR codes. These details give it a unique charm. It's a gift that is both fun to receive and fun to create. The design process will bring back fond memories that are bound to put a smile on your face now and again. The ordering software from CEWE offers a wide variety of layouts, clipart and designs. These options make it extremely easy to create a book. The Hardcover Highlights with Gold, Silver and Gloss effect finish are real eye-catchers. This is a way to accentuate lines of text, individual clipart images or borders as well as backgrounds with all-over highlighting.

Another option for turning your memories into a gift is to order a calendar with personal photos. Whether it's a tabletop calendar, a wall calendar, a family organiser or a birthday calendar—the CEWE CALENDAR provides space for thirteen beautiful photos or collages (one for each month plus the front cover). Every month over the next year will feature its own image, taking you back to those moments you cherish. Trend-conscious customers can also design their tabletop or wall calendar in the fashionable square format. 

The gift of time spent together
As Christmas approaches, we often have such full schedules that we hardly take the time to stop and reflect. Instead of grabbing some impersonal present at the last minute, it pays to stop and think about the fact that others are often in the same situation. So, why not—for once—give the gift of time spent together? In the form of a "coupon" for a trip, a special meal or other everyday adventures, you can give someone a precious gift simply by spending time with them. Making an effort to spend time with someone else is a special way to show affection. Thanks to CEWE INSTANT PHOTOS, personal and nicely designed photo "coupons" can be whipped up in a flash, for when Christmas is just around the corner! To do so, select a suitable motif directly on your smartphone and go to the nearest CEWE KIOSK (they are found at the locations of our trade partners, including dm, Müller, Budni, Saturn or RINGFOTO). Create your voucher as an instant photo using freely selectable layouts and designs, filters, borders and text messages. Then print it out.

A letter box full of affection
Not all family members and friends can gather under the Christmas tree. Sending a traditional Christmas card by post is a great way to show your appreciation for those spending the holidays elsewhere. The recipients will be delighted to find a personal message along with personal photos in their letterboxes. Thanks to CEWE GREETING CARDS, the design can make use of different motifs each year—an atmospheric family portrait, a funny snapshot from the past year or a picture of a child or pet. When you use, festive Christmas design templates allow you to integrate one or more of your favourite motifs into a card, creating a completely unique card for your Christmas post.


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