Christmas trend for 2018: Advent calendar with a personal touch

For children and grown-ups alike, Advent calendars are one of the most important highlights of the pre-holiday season. The more individualised it is to the recipient, the greater their daily delight.

A custom Advent calendar anyone can fill
The question often arises of how an Advent calendar can be as personalised as it is attractive, without a huge amount of effort. A simple and simultaneously creative option is the fill-it-yourself Advent calendar from CEWE. The outer design featuring an image, or several beloved photos is fun and builds anticipation for Christmas. Different design templates make it easy to create a stylish arrangement of images. The inner pockets offer space for a wide variety of small items: from toys for youngsters to cosmetics for adults to hand-written messages and vouchers—there are no limits here on the imagination. This versatile Advent calendar can be ordered via starting from 19.99 euros (RRP).

Enjoy a photo and satisfy your sweet tooth every day
The chocolate Advent calendars from CEWE are both classic and personalized at the same time. They are filled with either Ferrero Pralines or kinder® products. On the outside of the calendar, gift givers can let their creativity run free and create a design with personal photos, clip art, frames and design templates. Adorned with an adorable shot of the family pet, a photo of a shared experience or an image of a grandchild, this Advent calendar not only satisfies a sweet tooth, it also invites memories of wonderful moments.

CEWE GREETING CARDS: Advent calendar as a printed love letter
Just open and rejoice—that is the name of the game with this creative idea, 2/3 which features 24 different cards instead of little doors. Whether lovely sayings, short stories or original vouchers, the daily surprises can be completely individualised to the recipient. When attached to a taut line or trellis, these printed love letters become an extra-special Advent calendar. Magical Christmas design templates are available for CEWE GREETING CARDS to create a stylish look, meaning that each card can be created exactly as you would like. Select some of your favourite photos for numbers 1 through 24 and give the arrangement a personal touch. A template for numbers 1 to 24 is available on for free via the download link.

DIY Advent calendar as home décor
This DIY idea brings the radiance of pre-holiday season to your living room. This stylish Advent calendar is easy to create and delivers an impressive result. The basis of this creative idea from CEWE is a Foam Board Print, available in various sizes. It is so simple: Select one of the lovingly designed templates in the CEWE magazine ( or upload your own motif. Order a Foam Board Print under CEWE WALL ART in the desired format. Hammer hooks or nails into the hard foam board for hanging small parcels, coupons or other gifts to your liking. One or more photo mugs can be designed with a special motif or saying as a special eye-catcher at Filled with treats or small gifts, these are highlights for special days such as Saint Nicholas' Day, Advent Sundays and Christmas Eve.


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