CEWE WALL ART as a luminous decoration idea

Christmas time without the traditional fir tree? If you are not spending the holiday season at home, want to set a sustainable example or simply do not have much space, this DIY idea from CEWE offers a real alternative to the classic Christmas tree.

A luminous Christmas tree with amazing depth effects
Modern, environmentally friendly and wonderfully stylish, this needleless variant on an illuminated acrylic sheet is an atmospheric decorative accent. CEWE WALL ART expert Freya Bremer demonstrates how to design an alternative Christmas tree with little effort.

It's so simple: Upload your own motif or one of the templates provided by CEWE (free download: Motiftemplates) at Select CEWE WALL ART as acrylic glass (direct print) and order the motif in the desired format (20 cm x 20 cm to 100 cm x 150 cm). A direct print on real acrylic glass and a 4 mm thick coating produces stunning depth effects. In order for the alternative Christmas tree to shine beautifully, a string of LED lights is attached to the back of the tree and radiates through the material. Tip from Freya Bremer: To create magical lighting effects, it is best to position the bulbs individually and fix them in place with tape. And don't forget the star on top! To ensure a long lifetime, make sure the lights are securely in place, and fasten the plate to the wall if necessary.


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