CEWE Photo Award enters the next round / Prizes totalling over 250,000 euros

From panoramic landscapes and portraits to extreme close-ups—for those that are open to new perspectives, the beauty of our world can be found anywhere. It is no wonder, then, that the "Our world is beautiful" CEWE Photo Award competition advanced to the rank of largest photo competition in the world last year. In May 2018, the new competition – the third overall – is set to begin. Photo enthusiasts from all over the world have about a year to submit their photos to ten different categories. And the eventual award winners are not the only ones who will benefit from the rematch: For every photo submitted, CEWE donates 10 cents to SOS Children's Villages International.

Greater competition for even more enjoyable photography
The CEWE Photo Award 2019 awaits and features a few innovations: The one-year duration, ending May 31, 2019, offers photography lovers plenty of time to find and capture the perfect motif. For the first time ever, participants have ten categories to choose from when submitting their photos, all of which relate to the theme "Our world is beautiful." In addition to the established themes of "Landscapes," "People," "Nature," "Architecture and Infrastructure" and "Sports," this competition will also feature the options "Food," "Humour," "Hobby and Leisure," "Animals" and "Travel and Culture." Prizes totalling over 250,000 are in store for the winners. You will also get the chance to have your photo featured as part of the various subsequent international exhibitions. This way, both amateur and professional photographers can share the most stunning moments they've captured with a wide audience. "The passion our customers have for photography is the focus of our work at CEWE. It would suit us well to use the CEWE Photo Award competition as a way to invite photography enthusiasts from all over the world to partake in one photo competition," says Dr. Christian Friege, CEO of CEWE. "The additional categories and the collaboration with SOS Children's Villages International allows us to show other points of view this time around. We are very excited to see which country and category the winning photo will be chosen from for 2019. We registered participants from 94 countries for the last competition." Waiting for the award ceremony in September of 2019 will require a little patience, but anyone who has seen the entrants from last year knows one thing for sure: The decision will not be an easy one.

Benefiting families all over the world
By participating in the CEWE Photo Award competition, every photo lover is also doing a good deed. Because each photo submission means a 10-cent donation to SOS Children's Villages International. It is the mission of the independent relief organization to provide poor and disadvantaged children with support and individual assistance. Dr. Wilfried Vyslozil, Chairman of SOS Children's Villages International, is excited about working with the CEWE Photo Award competition: "The campaign is amazing! Our world is beautiful. And thanks to the donations from CEWE for each photo submission, more children will get to experience this beauty." Then Dr. Friege says, "SOS Children's Villages International gives reliable help to a great deal of children and families. The assistance is provided directly to those affected. We have been working in close collaboration with SOS Children's Village International since 2013. In that time, a wide range of charitable projects have developed at our various locations in which our employees are making contributions on a personal level. By donating through the CEWE Photo Award competition, we want to help to ensure that the beauty of the world is preserved and that the slogan "Our world is beautiful" remains true."


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