CEWE chooses the "Our world is beautiful" winners in the German Photo Museum

On Friday 22 September, the winners of the biggest open photo competition in the world in 2017, "Our world is beautiful", were chosen in the German Photo Museum in Markkleeberg near Leipzig. More than 183,000 photos were sent in to the competition, organised by leading photofinisher and commercial online printing partner CEWE, by more than 22,000 entrants. With many unique motifs submitted, Janne Kahila from Finland won through with his photo of the Faroe Islands to win the CEWE Photo Award.

Individual view of the beauty of our world

Entrants were asked to submit photos in the six categories of "Sport", "People", "Landscapes", "Architecture,"Transport and Infrastructure" and "Nature". "Top international standards have reached us here". The jury was impressed by the quality of all the photos sent in and by this year's winners. A total of 1,000 entrants were delighted with prizes worth altogether 110,000 euros. Dr. Christian Friege, Chairman of the CEWE Board of Management, honoured the six winners in their category and presented the CEWE Photo Award to the overall winner. Each of them won the jury over with a personal view of the beauty of the world, enabling viewers to feel the special moments themselves. The jury felt that Janne Kahila got the motto of the competition just right with his photo, which visualises the beauty of the world in fascinating contrasts of land and sea and light and darkness. Nothing but a little chapel at the top of a hill is a demonstration of the influence of people in otherwise unspoiled nature. The Finn himself says of his photo: "We all have our favourite places somewhere on Earth, where we most like to be. My favourite place is the tip of Kalsoy Island in the Faroe Islands: The 360° all-round view with vertical cliffs is incredibly stunning. This photo is the result of three exposures of 30 seconds each in order to be able to illustrate the movement of the clouds."

After the competition …

The "Our world is beautiful" exhibition was also opened as part of the award ceremony and will be on show in the German Photo Museum until 30 December 2017. "We are delighted to be able to present the winning photos and hence also the beauty of the world to the general public," says Andreas J. Mueller, German Photo Museum Director and member of the competition jury. And there's good news for those who also can't wait to send their photos in to the competition: in 2018, "Our world is beautiful" will be taken into the next round. "Given the remarkable response and the high quality of the entries, it is important for us that we incorporate the photo competition as a fixed component of international photo culture," Dr. Friege emphasises. Those who are interested will be kept up to date at

Jury opinions on the winning photos

"People" category: "A smile says it all" by Florian Bernhardt from Germany

"These eyes also stand for the fact that, in spite of all the suffering in the world, hopes that are just as big are born every day. Very simple human joy – this not only infects other people; it also expresses how beautiful the world can be."

"Nature" category: "Run, Forest, run" by Terezie Fojtová from the Czech Republic

"The winning photo by Terezie Fojtová shows that a special moment such as walking sheep can turn a landscape that is otherwise somewhat monotonous into a first-class big picture. And this is also the special forte of the medium of photography: capturing that special moment and as a result making it visible and perceptible for other people."

"Architecture" category: "Swimming pool" by Ágnes Dudás from Hungary

"The author has a very keen instinct for composing a splendid photo from what is actually somewhat trivial architecture in the viewfinder of her camera with only a few creative means:"

"Sport" category: "The pool nymph" by Christoph Grubich from Austria

"It doesn't always have to be the spectacular moments experienced by great athletes that result in a good sports photo. With only a few elements, perfect technical implementation and a distinctive sense for decisive moments, Christoph Grubich has set a clear signal. The photo shows complete physical exhaustion and maximum concentration – a top sporting performance for a small child, and for the photographers a perfect motif for a winning sports photo.

Transport and infrastructure category: "A conductor on the road" by Manh Ngoc Nguyen from Germany

"The author did more than see the special situation; instead he made the busy chaos and hence the statement of a photograph possible in the first place with photographic means such as long exposures and elevated vantage points."

"Landscape" category (overall winner): "Cliffs of Kallur" by Janne Kahila from Finland

"Janne Kahila achieved a creative and technical piece of artistry when he used photographic means to condense a stunning landscape into a photo which allows viewers to sense the beauty and grandiosity of this scene. 'Our world is beautiful' - this is the title of the CEWE competition. And this is what is brought home to us once again in the winning photo. That's because it takes photographs like these to allow us to imagine the diversity of this beauty of our world."


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