CEWE at photokina 2018

As Europe's leading photo service provider and partner for online printing, CEWE wants to remain a technological pioneer and advance new opportunities of digitisation for this purpose. At photokina through this Saturday, the publicly traded company from Oldenburg is exhibiting several project studies utilising new technologies for creating photo products.

Designing a photobook is a creative process in which many people take great delight, but for some, it cannot go fast enough. In the CEWE PHOTOBOOK on command, a verbal command can request the CEWE PHOTOWORLD app to make a design suggestion for a special occasion – for example, the most recent holiday. The software automatically searches for the best photos associated with the occasion, selects a suitable format and layout and presents an impressive proposal within a few seconds. Dr. Christian Friege, CEO of CEWE, says, "I am fascinated by the prospect of such an easy creation of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. This can open up a completely new user group to us. But I want to reassure all creative minds – it will always remain an option to intervene at any point, to improve the recommendations or to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK on your own from scratch."

CEWE photo diary
By means of language control, users tell the CEWE photo diary on their smartphones what they have experienced, when, where, and with whom. The spoken information is converted into text, and artificial intelligence from IBM Watson automatically analyses it for time, place and persons – if in doubt, the system will ask for feedback. The information is linked to the respective photos on the device. Thus, special moments can be captured even better – the ideal starting point for the creation of further CEWE products.

Intelligent photo organisation
Even before the boom of smartphone photography, the greatest challenge to photographers has been the almost incalculable flood of images accumulating on memory cards, hard drives and mobile phones. Filtering out the memorable moments takes a lot of time. Here, CEWE comes in handy with its intelligent photo organisation. Starting from photokina, face recognition powered by HP Pixel Intelligence, which has been integrated into the CEWE MYPHOTOS application, is now 'live'. Recognition of special events is also already usable in the current software as an option. Based on the metadata of the photos, an algorithm analyses the distance from home, the duration of the absence or a high frequency of photos, for instance, and then assigns them to a corresponding event. Functions such as object recognition on the photos or marking visited places on a map are still in beta, but also on display at photokina. Even a complex search for persons, places, objects and time is already exhibited and will soon be ready for the app. Thus, for instance, entering "Martin Paris Eiffel Tower 2018" will find the desired photo among thousands of others within seconds.

CEWE Customer Charter: Digitisation with responsibility
Digitisation and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are the subject of controversial discussions in politics and the public sphere. Regarding this, Dr. Christian Friege, emphasizes: "We represent reflected progress. CEWE pursues a responsible and customer-oriented use of digital technologies. Because of this, we have laid down our fundamental stance in a Customer Charter." Its contents were discussed in advance in the CEWE customer forum. Furthermore, CEWE has founded an independent advisory council for digitisation in which new technologies are discussed and evaluated prior to their implementation. The core issues of the charter are data protection, transparency, full control and creative freedom for the customers and a commitment to foster research and teaching related to these issues in Europe. You can find the entire charter at


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