True eye-catchers inside and out: CEWE Wall Art

Plants, furniture, fairy lights - Wall Art is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when fitting out your balcony or patio. Materials such as acrylic glass or aluminium di-bond are, however, well-suited for outdoor areas too, and are ideal for adding some personal moments to your exterior space. This is the perfect time for some outdoor eye-catchers.

From acrylic glass through to foam board prints: the right material for any purpose
CEWE offers Wall Art made of various different materials that are suitable for turning your personal photos into a durable decoration for outdoor walls too. Wall Art made of acrylic glass, aluminium di-bond or foam board is ideal for walls that are particularly exposed to bad weather and sunlight. Special UV protection sealing ensures that your images are not harmed by various weather conditions.  While the matte low-reflection aluminium di-bond that is rich in contrast is best suited for detailed images, glossy acrylic glass will further intensify vibrant colours. Those planning to attach their Wall Art to a thin wall or a screen, should opt for foam board prints as these are extra lightweight. Gallery Prints are suitable for covered outdoor areas. They are the most attractive way to present a photo and are frequently used by galleries. The combination of aluminium di-bond and acrylic glass makes for an impressive three-dimensional look and extra brilliant colours.

Express your personal style with Wall Art
Realising your personal style can be tricky in outdoor areas. Wall Art is an easy and effective way to express yourself. Photos from your last trip are perfect for introducing a theme that is then picked up through matching furniture, accessories and plants. These ideas will provide holiday flair as a permanent feature for your patio or balcony:

Making the sound of the sea visible: a beach atmosphere for your home
Rattan furniture, colourful accessories and whitewashed wood make for a truly special beach atmosphere. A lounger and a nice shady spot are essential too, of course. However, that’s not enough to do the trick in this part of the world. How about a collage of multiple beach images in similar colours for some finishing touches? A diverse mix of beach and sea photos is perfect for highlighting the style of your outdoor area. As an alternative, you could also opt for several pieces of Wall Art each showing a section of a picture that make up one big image. 

A trip to the Global South: Bring some laid-back vibes to your garden
Some coastal flair is typical of a Down Under style outdoor area. Natural materials and boho style elements, such as rattan, fringes and cushions with white patterns are key here. Souvenirs like surf boards and sea shells are ideal for adding some special highlights. A Bali style parasol provides a hint of the exotic. All you need to make this look perfect now is a large-scale photo of your favourite place. Iconic and expressive motifs are the best choice here. Now add some colour coordinated decorations and you are all set to satisfy your wanderlust on your patio.

Perfect for city dwellers: a Mediterranean style balcony
It doesn’t have to be a big patio. You can turn your balcony into your personal feel-good area with some Wall Art too. How about some Mediterranean flair? Warm weekend nights will feel like a holiday, and even working from home will come more easily.  Rich blues on white walls are ideal for creating a Greek atmosphere. Add some wickerwork chairs and little olive trees, and settle down with a glass of ouzo to enjoy some cosy summer nights. Tip: Where space is limited, suitable Wall Art can be used to visually expand the space and create a feeling of expanse. Best suited for this purpose are photos that do not focus closely on a motif but show, for example, a landscape or a house in the far distance. A glossy finish as is typical of acrylic glass, helps to visually broaden the space further. Choosing furniture and accessories in light colours can also help to make the area seem bigger. 

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  • A perfect composition: Combined with matching furniture and accessories, the Wall Art collage conjures up some wonderful holiday memories.
  • The Down Under or Bali atmosphere: A photo of your road trip along the Great Ocean Road paired with some beach accessories will make your patio a great place for relaxation and reminiscence.
  • Feel like you’re in Crete: Wall Art from CEWE brings holiday flair and lovely memories to your balcony at home.

Photos: CEWE