The most beautiful travel memories as works of art behind glass

Whether it's relaxing summer days by the sea, a hiking tour in the mountains or a long-planned dream trip to foreign countries and cultures - we can finally satisfy our wanderlust again. And the best souvenir besides relaxation and sand in our shoes? Our memories in the form of photos that bring a smile to our faces long after our travels, for example when we look at the back of our mobile phones. As a daily companion, the new CEWE Gallery Case puts cherished travel photos in the limelight like works of art and, on top of that, provides individual protection for all current mobile phone models.

Preserve travel memories in style - and protect your mobile phone at the same time
Even the most beautiful journey comes to an end. What remains are many great photos of unforgettable holiday moments. It's just a pity if they only slumber in the smartphone memory. We can get that Endless Summer feeling again and again, for example, by looking at an individually designed mobile phone case, even in everyday life, and thus prolong our holiday. The brand-new CEWE Gallery Case presents favourite travel photos in particularly brilliant image quality on the back of the mobile phone with a gentle mirror effect like a work of art behind glass. Deep red sunsets on palm-fringed beaches, the far-reaching view from a summit you have climbed or animal motifs from a safari are all presented particularly well.

This outstanding image quality and attractive design is made possible by direct printing on tempered glass. The glass is framed by elegant, matt black silicone, which also offers optimum protection for the smartphone. Not only are the corners, edges and operating elements of the mobile phone particularly well protected with the CEWE Gallery Case made of non-slip and flexible material - the sensitive display and camera are also much safer from damage and scratches thanks to the raised edge. The RRP is 39.99 euros, can be ordered at