Record your personal family history for posterity with CEWE

A family chronicle is a treasure chest bearing witness to your love for relatives from the past and providing a record of knowledge about your ancestry. It offers a special place for old photographs, illustrating a wealth of anecdotes and stories about your ancestors and bringing them to life. Create a chronicle in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK or an ancestral portrait gallery for the wall - with CEWE, it couldn’t be easier. For example, you can digitalise old analogue images, and several members of the family can work together on the project via CEWE myPhotos.

Basics and preparation
For many, particularly young people, the life of previous generations is an exciting topic. And anyone who researches their own family history will welcome the opportunity to document their findings. In addition to photos from bygone days, small details and seemingly trivial information can bring family history to life. Stories, quotes, anecdotes and scanned documents turn your CEWE PHOTOBOOK into a family chronicle and a treasure trove of memories.

Old notebooks and diaries, calendars and school reports reveal a lot about people, as do letters, which often offer a very personal perspective on exciting events. Interviews with family members are also a good source of information: asking your grandmother about her great-grandmother gives you access to information spanning six generations! And anyone interested in more in-depth research into their ancestry can browse the archives of registry offices and churches or genealogical databases.

The CEWE analogue service, which is offered by many of our retail partners, offers support in digitalising old photos, slides, home movies and negatives. Simply hand in your image material at the selected store. CEWE digitalises the images, stores them on an image CD and makes them available at CEWE myPhotos. The free online storage memory is particularly useful when several people are working together: collections can be created and shared, allowing all family members to pool their photos. They can also create the family chronicle in the form of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK together, directly and via the platform, and individual persons can work alternately on the project.

Your family chronicle in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK
Once you have completed preparation and put together all the individual elements, it’s time to start designing. Are you going to have an introduction? For example, it could state for what occasion the book was created and which family members were interviewed during research. A family tree is also a good introduction. A clear structure should also be selected. Dividing the chronicle into individual chapters, for example covering different decades, persons or events, can be helpful. The design process is simple with the templates and styles for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK. The software offers numerous tools and design elements which can be tailored and adapted to suit your individual taste. Special features such as the insertion of a family tree can be realised with clipart. The wide range of formats and materials also invite you to experiment. High-quality leather and linen covers, for example, make for an extra special feel. All this makes your family chronicle as unique as the stories it tells and an eye-catcher on your bookshelves.

Your own ancestral portrait gallery
Old wedding or portrait photos also make particularly fine wall art. New images can be added over time, creating an impressive family gallery on the wall of your hall or living room. Tip: To ensure that your wall design retains a uniform look and does not become too colourful, experiment with uniform filters, for example in black and white or sepia. hexxas from CEWE are also suitable for an ancestral portrait gallery – in a pleasing combination of historical photos and modern design. An eye-catching and extremely captivating contrast.

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  • Preserve memories and digitize old photos, slides and negatives with CEWE.
  • View and edit your entire photo collection together anytime, anywhere with CEWE myPhotos.
  • A CEWE PHOTO BOOK as a chronicle about your own family is a real treasure of memories.
  • Ancestor gallery with hexxas from CEWE - where historical photos meet modern design
  • New and old family photos look good as wall pictures.
  • Making family history visible - using the hexxas to create a family tree that grows larger with each new family member.

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