Let’s go outside! Personalised photo products for your holidays

Aren’t we all longing to get away from it all? Once again this year, many of us will choose to go out and enjoy nature. These CEWE photo products are perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, whether it be on a spontaneous camping weekend or an extended camper van tour. And we didn’t forget about the time after your trip either!

Take a break: Recharge your batteries in nature
A hike is the perfect way to get away from it all and to let off some steam, and don’t we all love the secret highlight of any day out: the picnic break. A refreshing drink is an absolute must here. Whether you prefer a sparkling soft drink, fragrant coffee or hot tea: The CEWE Enamel Mug is perfect for any type of beverage. With a capacity of 350 ml, there is plenty of room for some big gulps of your favourite drink. The personalised mug is a true all-rounder: It is virtually indestructible and easy to transport, making it your ideal travel companion for active holidays. Your favourite photo or a funny quote presented in a beautiful design - the custom image can be freely designed to match any taste. This means that every family member can have their own personal and unmistakable drinking vessel.

Enamel Mug: €14.99 RRP

Never miss another shot: Keep your camera phone within easy reach at all times
We are often surprised by the breathtaking moments nature has to offer: elusive animals walking by, or extraordinary cloud formations in the sky. However, it can easily happen that the magical moment has passed by the time you have dug out your smartphone. With the CEWE Mobile Phone Necklace, your phone is always within reach in situations like this. It is super stylish too, and thanks to the option to add your favourite photo to the back of the silicone case, you are bound to find an item you really love. The Mobile Phone Necklace is available in 13 varieties with textile and leather straps and in various trendy colours.  A piece of advice: Mobile Phone Necklaces are super convenient, not only when you are on holiday. The trendy cases are great for keeping your phone handy on a walk with your friends, a shopping trip or while commuting to work too.

Mobile Phone Necklace: €39.99 RRP

A permanent home for your most beautiful stories: CEWE PHOTOBOOK
Even the best trip can’t last forever. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to store your favourite holiday moments in a jar that you can open at any time to get another taste of your adventures? A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is a modern way to preserve memories. Those who cannot wait to hold their best travel moments in their hands, can select their nicest photos while they are still on holiday. Using the CEWE Photoworld app you can then create a wonderful keepsake in just a few steps, no matter where you are at the time. Soon after returning, your Photobook will arrive in your mailbox at home. It’s the perfect activity to make time fly on your homeward journey. Those who would like to take a little more time, can benefit from some additional features available in the CEWE Photoworld software, such as the map function. This function enables you to add maps to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK that will show where the photos were taken or even illustrate your entire travel route. Another special feature is the option to integrate videos: Once you have uploaded your video to the editor, you can integrate it into the photo book as a video still with a QR code. Simply scan the code in your finished CEWE PHOTOBOOK with a smartphone to enjoy your best holiday moments again and again. And by the way, all video data is stored on CEWE servers in Germany that comply with the highest data protection standards. The CEWE Photoworld software can be downloaded free of charge for Windows, Mac and Linux.

CEWE PHOTOBOOK: starting at €7.95 RRP

Stylish reminiscence: Retro Prints
CEWE Retro Prints are perfect for all vintage enthusiasts. These are the ideal way to experience your most treasured moments anew. Resembling instant photos from decades gone by, they radiate a sense of freedom and spontaneity, making them a great match for all explorers. With their customisable front and back, you can design the vintage look Retro Prints to taste. Tactile Gloss Highlights will add a special touch to your prints.

Retro Prints: starting at €14.99 RRP

For more information and inspiration, please visit www.cewe.de.

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