Our furry friends - put in a special spotlight for the festive season

Dogs and cats, guinea pigs and the like make everyday life more colorful and give us funny and special moments. Moments that we like to capture in pictures. Especially at Christmas, they can be used to create very individual photo gifts that you can't buy anywhere else: from calendars and personal cell phone covers to the animal-themed CEWE PHOTO BOOK. Here you will find ideas for presenting your beloved pet in the perfect light and lots of ideas for giving animal lovers presents.

CEWE Tip 1: Ready for a change of perspective
The most beautiful pictures of pets are taken when you get down to them on the floor or at eye level. This makes the photos look much more interesting, but still natural. Another advantage is that you don't necessarily need a tripod - simply rest your elbows on the floor and take the shot.

CEWE Tip 2: Please be friendly: a selfie with a woof effect
A selfie is always possible - preferably with our furry friends! To make sure it works, the same rules apply as usual: make sure the background is calm, don't squint in the sun and look directly into the camera lens. Selfies with dogs, cats and co. work best when animal and human are in a quiet position, for example together on a blanket, the couch or ideally outside in nature.

CEWE Tip 3: Capture loving details
Sometimes less is more - not everything always has to be in the picture. Reduced shots that focus on a single aspect are amazingly powerful. For example, how about capturing the velvety paw in your own hand, the eye area or the paw from below in the picture?

CEWE Tip 4: Pure joie de vivre
The reflections of flying water drops or snowflakes convey pure joie de vivre. If an animal loves the wet element, this can be used for photos full of liveliness. The photo can be taken at a natural body of water or in deep snow just as well as at a fountain or under the lawn sprinkler - the main thing is to capture the joyful moments. However, it is advisable to have a towel with you in case the camera does get a bit of a beating.

CEWE Tip 5: A photo shoot that is fun for both people and animals
Clearly, nothing works without empathy. The personality of a pet is best captured photographically when it is doing its favorite activity. If small toys or treats are then included, beautiful photos are as good as guaranteed!

CEWE extra tip pet babies: capturing a wonderful time
Young animals are something very special. With their eyes still closed, they assume an almost immobile position in their basket. If they are warm and cuddly, if they are full and content, you can stage the little ones according to your ideas for the photo. A cozy cloth made of velvet, which may also throw a few loose folds, is a perfect background. Even photographed in black and white, a real eye-catcher!

Beautiful photos, precious memories - and magical gifts that are second to none.
Once all the beautiful pictures have been taken, the next step is to find a special place for them. Here too, there are no limits to creativity. Why not hang a particularly successful photo beautifully framed on the wall - or create an entire picture wall with the most beautiful pet moments? Also, an individual photo calendar designed with pet pictures, provides month after month for small moments of happiness for animal lovers. A photo of your favorite furry friend also looks great on photo mugs, a pencil box or a water bottle for the little ones - or on the chic CEWE Gallery Case for the grown-ups. That way, your furry friend is always with you! And don't forget the classic: in the CEWE PHOTO BOOK the most beautiful moments - from the puppy's first tour of discovery in its new home, to its favorite place in its basket - can be captured perfectly and for eternity. A variety of layouts and templates help with the design, and clipart or lettering can be added to the pictures for the finishing touch.

Photos: CEWE