Five tips for a successful Christmas photo shoot

The season of love with its shining lights, baking sessions, gis and happy faces offers a wealth of magical motifs for priceless shots of the whole family together. Playing a board game together or gathered around the Christmas tree – CEWE reveals how to capture those magical moments perfectly with a camera.

Tip 1: Festive lighting
A string of fairy lights is the perfect tool for creating a warm, cosy atmosphere in the twinkling of an eye. It directs the eye of the observer towards the central motif and adds the perfect finishing touch. The lights in the surrounding area should be dimmed to display the lighting elements and your illuminated motif to best effect. Tip: LED light sources are ideal, as they do not become hot.

Tip 2: Taking Christmas pictures: Capturing rituals
Every family has its own well-loved Christmas traditions: Baking Christmas cookies together, wrapping the presents, playing board games or watching flms of fairy tales. And all these rituals are wonderful motifs for authentic and unique family portraits, because one thing is sure: You can capture particularly successful shots when everyone is in action or when they are not aware of being observed.

Tip 3: All lined up in order of size? We’ve got a better idea!
Getting everyone in position for a successful family portrait is open quite a challenge: One kid is pulling faces, another is misbehaving, and Dad is not looking at the camera. Why not capture the whole family in an informal situation, for example relaxing together on the sofa – for a perfectly natural family portrait?

Tip 4: Creative angles for special shots
An unusual perspective makes your photo more interesting and is easily set up: Simply photograph through something or with an out-of-focus element in the foreground, like the father’s hand here. The faces, on the other hand, should be in focus (when using a mobile phone, tap just before you press the release). Another unusual perspective is a bird’s eye view, with everyone lying on the floor looking upward into the camera.

Tip 5: Close-ups
It’s not always necessary to capture the whole panorama – photographing just a small section of the scene is a good way to highlight expressive details. Individual Christmas tree decorations, gifs or the festively decorated cookies. Close-ups add variety to your photos and evoke happy memories of your loved ones and Christmases past. Tip: These pictures are a perfect addition to the Christmas pages in your yearbook album or next year’s Christmas cards.

Photo credit: CEWE