High number of entries for the CEWE Photo Award: jury looks forward to an exciting task

The CEWE Photo Award is as popular as ever with amateur and professional photographers: Nearly 160,000 photos have been submitted to date – more than in the same period for the last award, which became one of the world’s largest photo competitions. Photo enthusiasts have until the end of May 2021 to submit their personal motifs. The jury will then face a challenging task. Once again, world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand will be its chairman, and is looking forward to selecting the best entries together with the other jury members, for example expedition photographer Ulla Lohmann.

Diverse and international

Entries from a wide range of countries, ten different categories and the personal perspectives of innumerable amateur and professional photographers – the CEWE Photo Award stands for impressive diversity under the motto “Our world is beautiful”. And the organisers of the competition aimed to reflect just these aspects with their selection of the jury members. In addition to its French chairman, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, best known for his spectacular aerial photographs and his book “Earth from Above”, the jury includes four other world-famous photographers. Christie Goodwin from Great Britain, official photographer for the Royal Albert Hall and tour and portrait photographer for artists such as Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney, has already been closely associated with the CEWE Photo Award since the last round. Jury member Ulla Lohmann from Germany has a quite different focus: an expedition photographer working for GEO, National Geographic and the BBC, to name but a few, she was the first woman worldwide to undertake a scientific expedition into the interior of an active volcano. Martin Rak from the Czech Republic specialises in landscape photography. In his mid-thirties, his photos are regularly published all over the world and have won several international awards. Kai Pfaffenbach, Chief Photographer for news agency Reuters, is also a member of the jury. He has proved his versatility in the field of journalism and won numerous awards – for example for his photo of the winning goal scored by Mario Götze and with which Germany won the football World Cup in 2014. In 2020, together with other Reuters photographers, he won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on events in Hong Kong.The final two jury members are Petra Horn, Member of the Executive Board of SOS Children's Villages International, and Dr Christian Friege, Chairman of the Board at CEWE. 

Take part and support a good cause – donations to education project

Petra Horn from SOS Children's Villages International is not only on the jury because of her interest in great photography and the beauty of our world. The organisation has been closely associated with CEWE since 2013 and the partner of the international photo contest since the last CEWE Photo Award. For every photo submitted, CEWE is donating 10 cents to SOS Children’s Villages International. At the end of the competition, the money will flow into an education project in Haiti. On the premises of the SOS Children’s Village Santo, there is a primary and secondary school which was established in 1984 and became completely overcrowded following the earthquake in 2010. As a result, an extra school complex was built in Santo and officially opened in October 2012. In addition to classrooms, IT rooms, laboratories and a library, the complex also contains a teacher training centre. Together, the old and the new school have more than 1,000 students.

International support from photography associations

In recent years, the CEWE Photo Award has continually gained in importance and has become an integral element of photographic culture. CEWE has already gained the German association of photographers and the association of Austrian photographers as partners. They are supporting the CEWE Photo Award as patrons for the third time in succession. Patrons from a further ten European countries are supporting this year’s competition: photography associations from Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Hungary are supporting the CEWE Photo Award with their seals.

More information at contest.cewe.de/cewephotoaward-2021