CEWE presents Supplier Sustainability Award for the first time

CEWE presented its Supplier Sustainability Award for the first time. The award is intended as an incentive, to raise awareness, to learn from each other and to pursue joint projects. A total of 300 suppliers were interviewed and examined by CEWE. Two of these stood out with regard to their sustainable operations in particular.

CEWE’s long standing partner Fujifilm Europe B.V. received the CEWE Supplier Sustainability Award in the ‘large enterprises’ category. Schmidt GmbH from Dickendorf in Rhineland-Palatine won the ‘medium-sized enterprises’ category.

The board member Thomas Mehls is in charge of the issue of sustainability for CEWE: ‘Sustainability is one of CEWE’s core values and it is rooted deeply in our DNA. We strive to reduce CO2 wherever possible and to improve our environmental balance. However, concerning the materials we use, we also have to rely on our suppliers. We are dedicated to long-term relationships with our business partners, and we expect them to also show a high level of commitment to the issue of sustainability.’

CEWE’s Purchasing Department has developed the Supplier Sustainability Award, in order to acknowledge those companies that stand out even now, and that go far beyond the expected standards. The winners were chosen by a committee of six experts. The committee members were the CEWE representatives Thomas Mehls (Director of Marketing and Sustainability), Carsten Heitkamp (Director of Materials Management and Personnel), Elwira Wall (Data Protection Officer and Sustainability Ambassador), Alf Meyer (Head of Material Management and Purchasing) and Dr. Matthias Hausmann (Head of Chemicals and Environmental Matters), as well as Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichtner from Oldenburg University (research and teaching in the areas of innovation management and sustainability).

‘We discuss issues related to sustainability with our suppliers on a regular basis, and over the past few years we have observed many positive developments in this area. We are presenting our CEWE Supplier Sustainability Award for the first time, to honour extraordinary commitment in the field of sustainability, and to motivate all our business partners to continue to pursue sustainable action,’ says Alf Meyer, explaining how the winners of the CEWE Supplier Sustainability Award were chosen.

In early December, Director Thomas Mehls presented the trophies to the winners and spoke about the jury’s decision making process. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the prizes were awarded on two separate occasions with a small number of participants.

The committee was especially impressed with the joint product development project of Fujifilm and CEWE for creating FSC® certified photographic paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) defines standards for sustainable forest management. FSC certification had long been a standard feature of the classic paper used by CEWE. The two companies have now succeeded to closed this gap for another core product, while also setting a new industry standard. ‘We share the same values with CEWE and are very happy to be able to promote sustainable photo products by CEWE with our Fujifilm products,’ says Toshi Iida, President of Fujifilm Europe about winning the Award.

Schmidt GmbH is a supplier of wooden rails and stretcher fames and received the Award for its active exchange and for addressing possible improvement options in the area of sustainability in its cooperation with CEWE, as well as for the company’s outstanding commitment in the field of environmental protection. This is reflected, for example in the company’s climate-neutral heating system using wood shavings made of its own wood waste, a photovoltaic system and the use of renewable energy.

‘With our activities we would like to contribute to preserving the world for future generations and to creating good conditions for our grandchildren. We are therefore going to mark the occasion of receiving the CEWE Supplier Sustainability Award by planting 1,000 trees for CEWE in our region,’ says Roland Muschallik, Managing Director of Schmidt GmbH.

Sustainability interviews to promote transparent cooperation

For four years now, CEWE’s central purchasing department has been using an online survey to poll its suppliers about the issue of sustainability on a regular basis. The goal of theses questionnaires is to raise awareness of the matter of sustainability along the entire supply chain.

This survey was also used as a basis for the CEWE Supplier Sustainability Award. Ten candidates were short-listed based on the questionnaire. These were then granted the opportunity to present their sustainability activities in personal interviews and in a fact sheet.

  • f.l.t.r.: Thomas Mehls, Toshi Iida (President and Managing Director FUJIFILM Europe GmbH & FUJIFILM Europe B.V.), Dr. Christian Friege
  • f.l.t.r.: Thomas Mehls, Roland Muschallik (Schmidt GmbH), Dr. Christian Friege