Coronavirus: CEWE is well prepared

CEWE is also not immune to the adverse effects of the measures to contain the corona virus. We have initiated measures to ensure that our customers can continue to order their very personal photo products from CEWE and that we can produce them. Our offers for our customers are currently still fully available.

The health of our employees is our highest priority. CEWE has initiated comprehensive protective measures to prevent an infection of employees and the loss of operations or areas. Among other things, a travel ban for all employees applies; external visitors or guided tours have not taken place for a long time. Where possible, large parts of our employees work from home. CEWE produces in multi-shift operation at most locations. These shifts were separated from each other and parts of buildings were separated from each other in such a way that our employees stay exclusively in their buildings or halls. In this way, we have ensured that even in the case of a suspected corona case, not an entire operation has to be quarantined.

With these measures we are doing everything to ensure that our employees are protected and that products can still be ordered and delivered for our customers. CEWE is well positioned throughout Europe thanks to its 13 photofinishing production plants. Even if one facility does not produce at all or not to the full extent, orders can be electronically diverted directly to other facilities and sent from there.

Even in the event of restrictions with trading partners (for example the closure of branches in some regions), our customers can still order from these partners or directly from CEWE via the Internet. We deliver directly to the customers' homes via our delivery partners. Thus, even in these difficult times, the so important memories of joyful events continue to reach our customers.

By the way: Neither our products nor the packaging pose a risk of viruses. The receipt of parcels and products is classified as safe by experts. For more information, see the Federal Centre for Health Education at  or the World Health Organisation at

Please stay healthy and think of your fellow human beings during this time. Very personal gifts can also now be designed and ordered comfortably from home - be inspired at .


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