Patrick Bathelt, Apprentice Warehouse Logistics Operative

I regard CEWE as being a multi-layered, dynamic and future-centric high-tech company – that's why it's ahead of the pack!

(Patrick Bathelt)

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I opted for CEWE when I finished school because I was not just offered a high-quality apprenticeship and corresponding training programme in Business Information Systems, but the company also has a very good reputation throughout Germany.

I was positively surprised by the enormous complexity of all the processes in product production and product data processing, as well as the breadth of the employee-friendly corporate organisation. My training mainly focusses on the planning and analysis of hardware and software-specific systems.

I learn different programming techniques and naturally everything that you need for successful project management. That can be very complex and thus challenging. But it's also great fun! It's also really nice when you can then hold an impressive result of your work in your hands. Apart from commercial digital printing, we also work on personalised photographic products.


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