Maike Herbers, Apprentice Media Designer

CEWE is always ahead of the pack for me because the company is the ideal stepping stone for my future career.

(Maike Herbers)

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CEWE had a lot of plus points when I applied for an apprenticeship as a Media Designer. But it was really difficult to get a job in this sector without previous knowledge. And here I was immediately offered a position.

I find it really positive that you learn so much as an apprentice. Because apprentices really are still apprentices here and not fully skilled workers. For the most part we are not directly involved in daily operations and so can fully focus on creative projects. So, for example, we devised and implemented an induction folder for the new apprentices.

I already know that I want to do a degree course once I have finished my training here. But CEWE was my ideal entry into the world of work and the stepping stone for my future career.


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