Patrick Kreckler, IT Specialist, IT Department, Mönchengladbach

I am always ahead of the pack at CEWE because I work with the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

(Patrick Kreckler)

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In 2005 I was looking for a company that would offer me the opportunity to complete my second shorter training course to become an IT Specialist in Systems Integration. I chanced upon CEWE. I was surprised in a positive way how versatile and complex the departments are, as well as how friendly the working atmosphere is. Today I have become a trainer in the IT Department.

When I joined the company, I first took on smaller tasks that were important for daily working/production processes, such as support for Administration and Production PCs. Over time and with growing experience, I also took on more complex tasks from the internal IT processes and still look after them today.

Apart from my role as a trainer, I also handle, above all, the IT-based supervision of production of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK and am also the contact for the Complaints Department. And although I have been doing this for some years, I still face new, hitherto unknown, challenges from time to time. It is therefore never boring – that's what really attracts me. My most exciting project to date was the planning and implementation of the BMS-NG – a system for monitoring the production workflow in Print Post-processing.

The wonderful thing about my department is that the result has to be right although how I achieve it is left up to me. I therefore have the opportunity to make my own ideas a reality and do not have to work in accordance with well-known and possibly old-fashioned schemes to solve problems. It is left up to me to develop and implement new solutions and replace and/or optimise existing parts of the workflow.


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