Nadine Steinrücken, 3rd year Apprentice Industrial Business Management Assistant, Logistics Department

CEWE is always ahead of the pack for me because, even as an apprentice, I feel like a full-time and supported member of staff.

(Nadine Steinrücken)

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I gained my first impressions during my internship and quickly decided that I wanted to work there. There is a really pleasant working environment at CEWE and it really is fun working here. You get to meet new people every day and always learn a little bit more about the backgrounds to the various workflows in production.

The internship also made me curious about other departments and their everyday work. In view of my school education, the fact that CEWE is such a large company with sites abroad was the factor that really interested me personally in an apprenticeship as a Management Assistant for Foreign Languages and Correspondence. I have the opportunity to spend a few weeks working abroad.

The working environment in my department is very pleasant. Everyone is willing to help and you have a few jokes now and then with the people around you. As soon as I have questions, the issue is quickly explained to me. If I make a mistake, it is discussed and rectified.

In terms of my ongoing training with CEWE, it is important to me that I continue to be given responsible work and am able to gain more and more impressions and experiences which will help me positively for the future.


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