Dr. Jörg Horstmann, Head of Financial Control/Performance Management, Finance and Financial Control Department

CEWE is always ahead of the pack for me because the complete team – from the captain to the ship's boy – is totally committed from the heart.

(Dr. Jörg Horstmann)

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I didn't take a straight career path to CEWE. Undoubtedly I have "very conventional training as a business management assistant" behind me. I trained as a banker after leaving school, then I did a degree in Business Administration in Boston/USA and Giessen, then worked as a consultant at a global leading consultancy, made the jump into international equity holding control with a major corporation in the consumer goods industry and finally ended up, rather happily, as Head of Financial Control/Performance Management with the hidden champion CEWE.

I noticed from the very first day that employees "live and breathe CEWE". There is real cohesion here and members of staff like spending time with each other at joint events. How quickly did I take responsibility in my own department? To be perfectly honest, from the first day. CEWE gives its employees plenty of space. If you make the most of this, you can undoubtedly build up a number of really great areas of responsibility with your own commitment and involvement. You don't wait to be given jobs, you go and get them for yourself.

What do I find most fun? Definitely the open, constructive work ethic in the team, across all departments and hierarchies. And – as simple as it sounds – the fact that things don't just get talked about but also get done.


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