CEWE Customer Charter: Responsible Digitisation

As the leading photo service and online-printing partner in Europe, CEWE intends to retain its position as a technological pioneer, as well as to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by digitisation, such as artificial intelligence. We stand for progress with reflection.

CEWE consistently uses digital technologies responsibly, with a focus on its customers. We have described our basic approach in this Charter. We discussed its contents be forehand in our customer forum with users of our products. Since digitisation is developing rapidly thanks to new technologies, we will continuously adapt this charter as well, always bearing in mind the values set out here. We have also set up an independent Advisory Board to support us in our endeavours and and to assess new technologies.

1) We protect your data.
Data privacy has always been a top priority for CEWE ("Privacy by Design"). We neither sell customer data nor do we forward such data to third parties without our customers' consent. Comprehensive data analyses are only carried out using anonymised data or with the express approval of our customers.

2) Our technologies serve to help you.
At CEWE, we always aim to use digital technologies to make our applications simple and more enjoyable for our customers to use.

3) You have control and creative freedom.
Our customers stay in control at CEWE. They can, for example, always modify or reject proposals from digital assistants in our software or deselect themin advance.

4) We are open and transparent.
When it comes to using artificial intelligence, CEWE maintains transparency. CEWE explains the mode of action of artificial intelligence in our customer products as far as possible. Before introducing any such technologies, CEWE and the Advisory Board check them jointly on the basis of the criteria set out in this Customer Charter.

5) We wish to actively shape our future on the basis of European values.
CEWE believes that the capacity to shape innovation in the area ofnew digitisationtechnologies oneself must be maintained in Europe - also in order to ensure that the handling of such technologies is in line with our values. This is why CEWE supports research and teaching in the field of artificial intelligence in Europe.

Please contact us if you have any queries concerning new digitisation technologies and
artificial intelligence at CEWE: Dr. Reiner Fageth, Director of Research and Development

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Advisory Board

Members of the advisory board: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster (Human Centric AI - Intelligent solutions for the knowledge society), Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg), Ranga Yogeshwar ( physicist and host)

The constituent meeting of the Advisory Board took place on May 23, 2019 in Oldenburg.

Business divisions where artificial intelligence is used

Business DivisionFields of application of artificial intelligenceFunction
Research & Development/ IT

Editing assistant in CEWE Design Software

Improved selection and sorting of photos through classification and evaluation (for example according to persons, quality or place/time of the photo)
Research & Development/ IT

Photo organization and search in CEWE MYPHOTOS

Analysis and indexing of photos to enable searches for location, time, objects and people

Research & Development/ IT

Event detection in CEWE Design Software and CEWE MYPHOTOS

Recognizing and naming important events by intelligently summarizing photos

Marketing & SalesRejection of SEA-campaigns (Search Engine Advertising)Improved way of reaching the target groups for specific products


Production ITUpscaling of photos in print through an artificial neural networkImproving the print quality of products with customer photos that are too low in resolution for the desired product

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