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The new "Commercial Online Printing" division markets commercial printed products through the, SAXOPRINT, LASERLINE and viaprinto sales platforms.

We guarantee high-quality printed products at fair prices.

Business customers will find high-quality printed products in a print run to suit their needs from our extensive product range. Naturally, quality is also our market promise, expressed in our software, printing and book binding, with production speed, service and diversity of products.

Product RangeOur products are synonymous with high-quality printing, environmentally-friendly production and premium quality. As a professional online print shop, assists its customers in person with advice throughout the entire printing process. The product range includes handy advertising media, like flyers or brochures, large-format advertising products, like posters or placards, and professional advertising techniques. offers you a basic data check, free print templates, optional proofs, fast and binding delivery times, environmentally-conscious printing, free shipping and purchases against invoice. As a certified online print shop, guarantees a very high level of quality and reliability.

SAXOPRINT: The professional printing range offers the perfect print media for business, advertising and trade fairs: business cards, flyers, brochures with a superior finish as well as packaging and advertisements. Thanks to the free choice of formats and very high print volumes, SAXOPRINT is ideal for many different sectors and uses.

viaprinto: The specialist for brochures, soft covers, business cards or headed notepaper: whether for mid-sized companies, service providers, industry, agencies or other creatives – viaprinto transforms customers' ideas into reality with precision and care, even with the smallest print runs. The most stringent data security standards ensure that all customers can use their products reliably and securely for their own success.

Laserline: The Berlin-based expert for business and advertising printed matter in small, medium and large runs is characterized above all by outstanding service, good quality and speed. With these standards, Laserline manufactures a wide range of products, from stickers and brochures to business cards, in both offset and digital printing.

QualityOur promise: a high level of perfection and service for you

Your satisfaction is our priority. Highly qualified employees, innovative and certified printing techniques and optimised work processes make sure of this. You will always receive a top-quality printed product with a colour profile that complies with the PSO (Process Standard Offset) industrial standard. Should on rare occasions the printed product supplied not meet your expectations, we assure you of an accommodating solution to ensure that you receive a printed product to meet your expected standard as quickly as possible.

Our quality process includes a colour proof for your printed products, the use of high-quality materials, like paper, inks and lacquers, as well as premium manufacturers' printing machines.

ResponsibilityProtect the climate and conserve resources – get involved!

Assuming responsibility

We take our responsibility towards the environment and society very seriously, which is why our online printing is incorporated in our Group-wide sustainability system. A group of experts, which sits on the Executive Board, is responsible for the Europe-wide implementation of our sustainability standards. We use working groups to ensure that key economic, social and ecological responsibility issues are taken into consideration in our projects. We document our aims and progress in a Sustainability Report published annually.

Climate-neutral Printing

Produce your printed products climate-neutrally at CEWE with the support of ClimatePartner, a leading provider of climate protection solutions. Your CO₂-neutral printed product will carry a label and will be given an ID number. More information can be found here.
All the materials used are specifically selected from a sustainable environmental point of view – this includes FSC® certification (FSC® C101851).
The FSC® is an international non-profit-making organisation, which has the objective of preserving forests. You or your company can make a direct contribution to improving forests by purchasing FSC®-certified products.

Protecting the climate

We reduce CO₂ emissions by not using isopropanol in our production processes, at the same time looking after the health of our employees. We also reject the use of harmful mineral oils, which don't degrade well biologically. All sales packaging in Germany is licensed with a Dual System and all transport packaging carries the RESY symbol, meaning that its disposal and recycling is guaranteed.

Conserving resources

Installing solar roofs on two plants allows us to increasingly exploit the potential of regenerative energy generation. Since January 2016, CEWE has generated more than one third of the power for its German plants from renewable resources. Almost the entire annual consumption of electricity at the Oldenburg site is met by renewable energy, thereby saving around 2,800 tonnes of CO₂ every year. This shift is a further step towards greater environmental sustainability.

Reducing waste

We aim for the lowest possible emissions in our production and conscientiously dispose of unavoidable waste.

This is exemplified by our packaging: all sales packaging in Germany is licensed with a Dual System and all transport packaging carries the RESY symbol, meaning that its entire disposal and material recycling is guaranteed.

Thinking outside the box

Whether by upholding social and environmental standards, guaranteeing knowledge transfer between business and science or by combating corruption and child labour: we work with our customers and suppliers in an open and transparent manner, undergo regular audits and adhere to agreed codes. Sustainability represents a challenging topic for CEWE, but we are assisted by the ideas and suggestions proposed in discussions with the following organisations:

UN Global Compact: A UN initiative, which is employed worldwide to combat corruption, slavery and child labour, and also campaigns for the creation of acceptable working conditions.

B.A.U.M.: B.A.U.M., the German Environmental Management Association, deals with economic, ecological and social issues.

BSCI: An initiative incorporating the European programme for social standards. We are committed to compliance with the social and environmental standards of the BSCI Code of Conduct.

Climate Partner: The Munich-based company develops solutions with which companies can become involved with climate protection. Our CO₂-neutral printed products therefore carry a label with an ID number. You can check the ID issued at to determine how much CO₂ was produced by the production of the printed products and with the aid of which climate protection projects you are restoring the balance.

Lower Saxony Alliance for Sustainability: The aim is to increase innovation and environmentally-compatible economic growth from a sustainability aspect.

CDP: CDP is a non-profit organisation, which aims to achieve greater transparency with companies' CO₂ emissions. Annually, companies are called upon worldwide to reveal their CO₂ emissions and strategies for dealing with climate change. Based on this, CDP has constructed the world's largest freely available database showing company-related greenhouse gases.

InnovationThe motor that drives us on every day

Alongside the pursuit of the highest quality, innovation is the motor that drives us on every day.

Innovation starts, above all, in the mind. We therefore actively encourage experimentation – we are proud of our good and open innovative culture. One of our strengths lies in our ability to make ideas a reality: after all, ideas without successful implementation simply remain ideas and never become innovations.


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