Responsibility to employees

We wish to offer our employees the optimum conditions to allow them to develop their full potential. This includes, firstly, qualified personnel management and a professional further training programme. At the same time, we are working on a number of projects to ensure the best possible balance between family and work.

Our greatest assets: motivated employeesFrom continuous training to employer-financed pension provision: we want our employees to feel at home at CEWE.

Other focal areas within our HR policy include the balance between family and work and the encouragement of young skilled people. We are taking a big step into the future by opening the company's own childcare facilities at the Oldenburg headquarters and by successfully continuing our CEWE FORUM further training programme.

(Marion Gerdes, HR Manager)

Our staff contribute in particular to the success of our company: we realise and appreciate that. That explains why we attach such importance to qualified personnel management and the intense promotion and encouragement of young skilled people. Our high apprenticeship figure, the CEWE FORUM further training programme and our Talent Management young executives programme are proof of this. The balance between family and work is an area we are currently working on. We have already implemented many projects to take ongoing social changes into account. They include the new "cewelino" in-house childcare scheme for our employees' children or two-week-long childcare provision during the summer holidays. Our Executive Board gave out a clear signal as part of the Hertie Foundation "jobandfamily" audit and signed a voluntary agreement on binding measures and understanding of the family at CEWE. In 2014 we were one of the first companies to receive the "Outstanding Employer" certification combined with the "Parent-friendly" additional module from the SOS Children's Villages Global Partner. Holistic health awareness on the part of our members of staff is essential for the sustainable and long-term positive growth of the company. We set great store by health-promoting workplaces and occupational health and safety – particularly in Production – and actively encourage each and every one of our employees to be aware of preventative health care through a range of measures. Since 2005 staff have been able to buy CEWE shares at a discounted price every year through our staff share programme, underpinned by a tax-free and national insurance-free financial subsidy by the company. Our members of staff are also able to provide for themselves privately through an employer-financed pension scheme – which we promote with collectively agreed subsidies.

Health DayThe modern working environment at CEWE includes a harmonious work-life balance and health-promoting measures.

Healthy companies need healthy members of staff, as people are, after all, the most important part of any company. It is of crucial importance to CEWE to promote our staff resources in the long term and increasingly to commit to improving the health and satisfaction of everyone at CEWE.

(Andreas Kluge, Managing Director)

The well-being of our employees is a vital part of our sustainability efforts. Our annual Health Day has now become established as the most important health management event. Every year a wealth of talks, courses, promotional and information stands invite employees to ask themselves questions about their own health, test their own physical fitness and become more active.

The 6th Health Day was organised with the slogan "Stay fit – do it!" A wide range of campaigns was offered across the company's premises in Oldenburg to encourage employees to experience and try out new things. Everything revolved around physical fitness and health, with a focus on ergonomics and exercise, across the company's 13 sites. Employees were able to test their back fitness at the AOK "Back Check". By measuring the torso muscles, it is possible to very simply identify possible shortcomings in a person's musculoskeletal system. The stabilisation track, fitted with different base surfaces, provided information about the spine's sensory motor or mobility. Employees were also able to test their own balancing or reaction skills. The results provide information about a person's individual body control and help to prevent incorrect stresses on and injuries to joints.

There were also practical demonstrations to clarify issues from everyday working life: How can Production employees lift and carry things to avoid hurting their backs? What ergonomic aids are available? How should office workplaces be designed ergonomically correctly? In addition to the campaigns in the marquee, there were also various courses on offer, including introductions to yoga, back fitness, fasciae training, Nordic walking and stress reduction through exercise. The talks ranged from kinesio taping, to the link between health and shift work and osteopathy.


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