Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation

Our environmental policy is expressed by the following points: saving energy, protecting water, conserving resources and ensuring industrial safety. These key aspects form the foundation of our sustainability strategy.

Our Environmental PolicySaving energy, conserving resources and ensuring industrial safety

Many years ago we defined our own environmental policy, dedicated to resource conservation, environmental protection and industrial safety. Our voluntary commitments including compliance with the applicable legal provisions as well as any customer requirements and individual requirements from retail partners that exceed them. We rely on the best available technologies with our planning and investments.

Sustainable productionThe environment demands: Energy management and FSC® certification

The energy management systems practised at all German sites meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001. In compliance with this standard, we undertake to continuously improve our energy-based performance and support this process by considering energy usage, energy consumption and energy efficiency when purchasing products and services and when using machines, equipment and systems. Legislative requirements and our own targets, which often extend beyond them, form the framework of our energy policy. We also actively drive forward climate protection in this manner.

All the materials we use are specifically selected from a long-term environmental point of view.

We have been FSC®-certified since 2013. The FSC® is an international non-profit-making organisation, which has the objective of preserving forests. FSC® regulations require that the entire processing and retail chain, from the forest to the wholesaler, has to be certified end to end. You or your company can make a direct contribution to improving forests by purchasing FSC®-certified products. This certification forms an important cornerstone of our production processes, which are fully geared to sustainability. It also involves us handling natural resources in a responsible manner and continuously reducing energy consumption at our sties.

Dr. Matthias Hausmann - Department Head, Chemistry, Process Technology and Environment (photo): "We are really well set-up with our environmental and energy management systems. Setting up the processes, constantly expanding them and completing the annual audits takes up a lot of time and labour. However, we are the trail-blazers in our industry. And it's definitely worthwhile: we are continuously improving our environmental protection and our energy performance."

Cooperation with the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU) e.V.Sustainable involvement on our company's premises

Our cooperation with the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU) e.V. began in 2013 as part of a joint photographic competition. Since 2014, the plans for the new extension to the Oldenburg site have been governed by natural conservation aspects. This also involves sustainably and ecologically enhancing the company's expansive grounds. 

A sustainable pilot project for the protection of species was launched in March 2015 in collaboration with NABU, as part of which CEWE employees set up 144 nesting boxes for song birds. And that was just the beginning. An educational trail was created near to the nesting boxes, along which children from the CEWELINO company childcare scheme and children on the CEWE Fun Holiday scheme, can find out everything there is to know about local bird species. 

The project entered its second phase in April 2015: a nesting area for swifts was fitted at a great height on the south side of the high-bay storage racking – one of the largest in Germany. The next step to protect and retain our eco-system followed in the autumn: a group of employees set up a large 'insect hotel' in the grounds of the company and fitted it out: bumblebee boxes, breeding mounds for hedgehogs, finches and lizards followed.

Across all our sites we are involved with the NABU nature conservation project to preserve German forests.


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